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St. Jude Times is an exciting new feature of the St. Jude Novena Site.  It features articles that discuss issues relevant to everyday living, and the role that a strong belief in St. Jude, prayer, and his novena can play in our lives.  A mix of personal observations, experiences, and current events,  The St. Jude Times will challenge and encourage you to see the link between the impossibly demanding lives we lead (and the frustrations and troubles we experience as a result), and the message of hope, healing, and clarity that live in St. Jude's words, teachings, and his legacy.

We trust you will find some insight, food for thought and peace within these articles.  As well, we welcome your comments and feedback. Send them to  And if you want us to send you an e-mail each time a new St. Jude Times article is posted, mention your e-mail address in your note to us.  Enjoy!

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09/02/2001  Happy Labor Day from St. Jude!
09/09/2001  Peaks...and Valleys
09/24/2001  The Aftermath of Sept. 11, 2001
10/10/2001  The "Right" Way To Pray to St. Jude
10/31/2001  A Prayer in Tribute to All Souls Day
11/14/2001  Why Pray To a Saint?
12/02/2001  Words of Wisdom...From a Departed Friend
12/25/2001  A St. Jude Holiday Message

2/01/2002    It's No Fun Being a Grownup
4/16/2002    What Happens After 9 Days?
5/21/2002    Keeping The Faith During These Troubling Times 8/27/2002    How to Get What You Pray For (Part 1)          9/1/2002     Back to School: Tips on Doing Well in "Life Class" 11/20/2002  Finding Reasons To Be Thankful
                      11/25/2002  How to Get What You Pray For (Part 2 - Peace)

5/1/2003     The St. Jude-Iraq Connection
6/12/2003   The St. Jude Novena Site is in Your Newspaper!
10/15/2003  How to Get What You Pray For
                   (Part 3 - Surviving The Meantime)                                             

3/1/2004    Letting St. Jude "Work" Through You   
3/1/2004    Aaron Neville: A Performer "In Tune" With  St. Jude
2/9/2005    Is God An Anti-Depressant?
2/11/2005  In Sickness, In Health, and St. Jude                     

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