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6/12/2003     The St. Jude Novena Site is in
                    Your Newspaper!             

It's coming soon to a newspaper or magazine near you: a story about St. Jude, praying the novena, and the St. Jude Novena Site!

I was approached recently by Stephanie Levitz, a freelance writer, about doing a story that looked into the tradition of praying to St. Jude.  She had heard about the St. Jude Novena Site and wanted to get my perspective on the tradition of St. Jude as well as my experiences in creating and operating the website.

Her story, entitled "Thank You's To a Saint: A Public and Private Tradition" first appeared on the Columbia University Online News Service May 23.  This week the story was picked up by the New York Times Syndicate Wire Service, the world's leading distributor of news stories.  This service supplies columns, special features, and news stories to over 2,000 media outlets (newspapers, magazines, etc.) in 80 countries around the world.

I am happy to tell you that the story is now being picked up by local newspapers in the U.S for inclusion in their Religion, Lifestyle, or other sections.  Here is the story that appeared in the Providence (R.I.) Journal June 14, 2003.  You may very well see it soon in your own hometown paper.

In case you are unable to access the above link to the article, I have a copy of the original article available for viewing here.

One note: in the original published article there is a sentence attributed to me that says "Creating,
marinating, and administering the website……"  That is a typo.  It should have read maintaining, not marinating.  While I am the person who "cooked up" the website, all the content in it is served fresh without any advance preparation ;)

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