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2/11/2005     In Sickness, In Health, and St. Jude

   A beautiful article about St. Jude appeared recently on BellaOnline, an online network that was created by, and is written for, women. The piece was written by Kristen Houghton, BellaOnline's marriage editor. In it she talks about the emotions involved when one faces the possibility of serious illness, and the powerful spiritual presence she experienced that helped guide her through.
   St. Jude was one of the prominent sources of this strength. One of the most impressive aspects of the article was that Kristen, who considers herself as not being "of any particular religion," nonetheless found a comforting fellowship in praying to St. Jude. I have always believed that the themes of love, encouragement, and support are universal ones, and not the exclusive domain of any one religious group or sub-group. They are also central to the legacy of St. Jude, and this story is wonderful evidence of that.
   Kristen was also kind enough to mention me and my work at the St. Jude Novena Site, and for that I'm grateful.
   You can read Kristen's article by CLICKING ON THIS LINK.
   I also encourage you to visit BellaOnline. The site offers a variety of lively forums and features that center on encouragement and the sharing of interests and advice. A great site for women--and the men in their lives! You can reach the BellaOnline site by CLICKING HERE.

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