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09/09/2001  Peaks….and Valleys

Many years ago, while working at a job I have long since left, I had a manager who told me something I have never forgotten.  He said "The sales business is like a series of peaks and valleys, and everyone goes through them.  You have to remember that.  It will make rough times seem easier and put the good times in perspective."  I have often thought about that little statement during my subsequent careers, and lately, about life in general.  Indeed, it seems like life is a cyclical, up-and-down affair which is a disordered mix of happiness and pain.

But there is a deeper interpretation of that little cliché which we should all take to heart and try to apply, and it is this:  it's one thing to accept that life will force us to experience ups and downs, joy and loss, anger and satisfaction.  But it's truly another to be able to remain aware that  the other side exists when we are experiencing the opposite. 

Now I know that when things are going well (the peaks), who wants to think of how things can change and turn bad (the valleys)?  Likewise, when we're at our lowest, it seems impossible to believe we can ever be on top again.  Yet this is key to our mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.  It is important to reflect on that when things are going well, because it is at those times that we tend to think we got there ourselves, and thus take all the credit for our good fortune or what we have done.  This often leads to alienation of our spiritual base, causing us to forget the graces of a God who has helped get us to this high point.  Our self and ego take over leading us to believe we're indestructible.  You know what usually happens to us next!

It is even more critical to keep this potential for turnaround in mind when we are going through a terrible valley that seems to be without end. Granted, this is easier said than done, but we have to first truly believe that things
can and will change before anything can happen.  Think of it like mentally preparing yourself to get ready; by believing that things can get better, no matter how difficult the present situation is, we help to jumpstart our journey back to the next peak that certainly awaits us around the next corner.  Whether you call it positive outlook or something else, it works.

And if the valley you are currently experiencing is proving to be too heavy a burden to bear, there is help to carry you through.  We invite you to call on St. Jude to assist you.  By praying a novena to him, you can take the first steps you need bring comfort and strength back into your life.  Read the other sections of our website for information on how to pray to St. Jude and how to publish your special intention on our pages.   

Warmest Regards,

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