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12/02/2001 Words of Wisdom...From a Departed Friend                                     

The untimely death this past week of former Beatle George Harrison from cancer was a sad event.  People around the world are recalling with warmth and a touch of nostalgia his timeless songs and his career during his days as a Beatle and a solo performer.  But he was much more than just a musician and songwriter;  he was a deeply spiritual man, someone who had enjoyed much worldly success, but who recognized that TRUE happiness could only be found within us, and ultimately in our relationship with God.  In reading quotations about his outlook on life, I was struck by some things he said that have a special connection to readers of The St. Jude Novena Site. 

From his All Things Must Pass album came his quote, "Good things don't last, but neither do the bad; don't get too hung up on life."  The feeling expressed is similar to an earlier story I wrote in the St. Jude Times, where I mentioned the changing, temporary nature of life and how we must somehow keep our perspective through it all, as difficult as things may seem.

He was also once quoted as saying "Being rich and famous does not bring real happiness; unless you're happy in your heart, you won't be truly happy; and reaching true happiness in your heart only comes from trying to find God."  How many of us have tried to find comfort and happiness in things of this world, only to find that we either get led down a path that turns out wrong for us, or even worse, we attain what we wanted, but are STILL lonely and unfulfilled.  For most of us, it is only then that we start to question what we REALLY need to be happy, and start exploring our spiritual sides and opening up to God's influence.  Hopefully The St. Jude Novena Site is one of the sources that helps you get "in touch" with that other, deeper, you.

George Harrison often said, "Everything else can wait, but the search for God cannot wait."  Talk about priorities!  Again, the message that without a solid grounding in what is really important, the other aspects of life can never be correctly put in place.

At the time of his death, this statement was issued by his family: "He left this world as he lived it, conscious of God, fearless of death, and at peace."  Quite an impressive state for all of us to strive for.  We can't always ignore our problems or make our illnesses go away. But even though we must be IN this world, I believe that only when we overcome our reliance on the things of this world can we truly start to be free of the hold that pains and difficulties try to wrap us up in.  And you don't have to take that journey alone; there is a God who wants to walk with you, and His legion of departed apostles and disciples like our dear St. Jude are there to assist when you are in need.  Just call on them!

So thank you for the memories, George.  Thank you for the music.  And thank you for the reminder about what

With Warmest Regards,


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