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          May 2002

This month's contributor:
Jennifer A.

-How did you find out about St. Jude and his novena?
I was laying in bed, very upset with some things that were happening in my life all at once( when it rains in pours) when I suddenly heard in my head to pray the rosary. since I wanted to say it properly, I went to the internet and got some directions for it. At the same moment, I heard in my head, Pray to St. Jude. So, I looked him up on the internet too.

-What was the request you prayed for?
My original request was for my 30-year old, cousin, best friend, maid of honor, to have a successful recovery from her recently diagnosed Hodgkins Disease. That was a blow to our family.

-What answers or gifts did you receive and were they different from what you asked for?
Well, since I knew her chemo was a three month process, I knew that I would not get an answer in nine days that was like " Oh, we made a mistake, she does not have cancer!". But what did happen, was this: I was very depressed during the first few days of this bad news, I was tired all day, but could not sleep at all at night. Everything made me sad and I could find no hope or joy in anything, not even my upcoming wedding. Then, she called me to let me know that some of her test came back and the cancer did not spread and that her bone marrow was clean and she would not need a transplant. Well, that's all I needed to hear. As soon as those words were uttered, it was like this heavy, wool coat was lifted off my body and I felt light and cool. That's how St. Jude let me know everything was going to be okay. He gave me a inner type of wisdom.

-What kept your faith strong and your hope alive during your waiting process?
I have come to realize, even being the control freak that I am, that there are some circumstances in this life that only God can take care of. Before all this happened, I was praying to God to help me be closer to him and get to know him and that is what He used this situation to do. What kept my faith strong is the knowledge that God loves me and no matter what happened, He had a hand in it. Whatever God has a hand in is always for the best. I just happen to believe that with all my heart. If you believe that, you can get through anything.

-What type of praying (example - quiet meditation, deep contemplation, etc.) brought you the most comfort and peace?

My favorite thing to do is just sit in front of the Blessed Sacrament in church. My church has an Adoration Chapel that is open 24 hours and I just go there and talk to Jesus like He is my shrink. It's great and I feel so at peace. Plus His hourly fee is free.

-Is there any advice you want to give to others who may be waiting and finding it difficult to stay hopeful?

I think our "human-ness" gets in the way sometimes and we think for God like He is human. When we don't get what we ask for in the time we want it, we assume that our prayers have gone unanswered. It is really a true statement when we hear that God works in mysterious ways. Actually, it's just mysterious to us, it is not to God. Did you ever hear yourself say, " I never thought about it like that" and it changed your impression of something. Well, we are very one-side creatures, but God sees all sides and knows which one is best AT ALL TIMES. If you feel like you are waiting and waiting for prayers to be answered and you are feeling frustrated, remember that God is open 24 hours 7 days a week just for you and even if it seems that He is not answering your prayers, He is doing what is best for you at EVERY moment because He loves you.

Beautiful story and very well put, Jenniferů..we all should remember that God is the "original" 24/7 service provider!

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