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          July 2002

This month's contributor:
Annie S.

-How did you find out about St. Jude and his novena?

My mother had always prayed to St. Jude and I remember as a child her novena's to both him and St. Therese the Little Flower. I have always myself turned to him in times of trauma and need because of her devotion to him.

-What was the request you prayed for?

For a resolution regarding a very difficult relationship, either unity or acceptance of us being apart.

-What answers or gifts did you receive and were they different from what you asked for?

The person I was praying for and myself have reunited and are very happy. We seem to be on a very positive path. The answer from St. Jude did come after all, though not in the time frame I was hoping for. I have been praying about this situation for three years, and the situation has changed for the better and for the worse at different times over that period. When I need guidance, I do a novena to my Saint Jude.

-What kept your faith strong and your hope alive during your waiting process?
I kept telling myself that St. Jude has ALWAYS answered my prayers in one way or another before, and that he would intervene and do so for me again. That I just had to be patient and trust him and in his heavenly friends.

-What type of praying (example - quiet meditation, deep contemplation, etc.) brought you the most comfort and peace?

I would do the novena for nine nights in a row. But I could not find my novena card, the novena I preferred, so I wrote a personal novena to St. Jude and included my personal request and hope within the prayer. In a way, the novena I wrote myself was more meaningful to me as it was personal and heartfelt.

-Is there any advice you want to give to others who may be waiting and finding it difficult to stay hopeful?

Trust that St. Jude will not let you down. And remind yourself that the answer to your prayer may be awhile in coming or may not be the answer that YOU are imposing on the situation, but that regardless, relief and an answer will come in some form. He will help you, either by bringing you peace, or patience, or acceptance, or perhaps even the request you desire. Just trust. That is the hardest thing.

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