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          November 2002

This month's contributor:
S.K., from CT

-How did you find out about St. Jude and his novena?

I am a hindu from India and I studied in a Catholic school. I had heard about the St Jude Novenas back then and my sister regularly prayed the novena. She prayed the Novena for me when I lost a ring that my in-laws had given me. Although I did not get my ring back, we did find a way to get another one to replace the same. All this happened rather easily .We got help from several people who helped us get a similar ring from our home country.

-What was the request you prayed for?

I wanted my mother to visit me in the US and she was reluctant all along. Then I prayed the Novena asking for help in getting her here for a visit   only if it was Gods will.During that time there was a sudden change in my mother's attitude and she suddenly decided that she would try and make the trip. Her visa application was approved and she managed to get here safely. 

-What answers or gifts did you receive and were they different from what you asked for?
As mentioned before, my mothers trip to the US materialized, something that was a miracle. Other than that, I prayed the Novena for help with Med School admissions.I have been wanting to study medicine for a long time and family responsibilities had prevented me from doing so. I applied for admission to Med School and was invited for an interview . The interview went well. They have not accepted me yet, but have put my application aside for consideration. This waiting peroid is not at all easy, however I have great faith and I just believe that it will happen when God wills it .

-What kept your faith strong and your hope alive during your waiting process?

Things do not always go the way I would like them to go. But whenever I need any help and a situation seems hopeless, I immediately ask St Jude for help and my prayers have been answered several times or I have at least found an alternative or some guidance to my problem. I am confident and have great faith that no matter how bad the situation, I will manage to come out of it ok only because of Gods help.

-What type of praying (example - quiet meditation, deep contemplation, etc.) brought you the most comfort and peace?

I usually pray the Novena at night. I have selected one prayer from this web site but I make changes to it as per my petition.

-Is there any advice you want to give to others who may be waiting and finding it difficult to stay hopeful?

My advice is to keep the faith, especially when things are so difficult. Although this is difficult to do when life seems so much of a struggle, just keep the faith that things will be ok.

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