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          April 2003

This month's contributor:
Jacob Phillip, India

"Believe in God The Father and he will do Wonders in Life "

My name is Jacob Phillip From kerala in India.I am working in
sharjah as tailor in a textile shop.I married in the year 1996 and now i have two children.Since two years i am in sharjah, my family back home in kerala. After my marriage and during that time i had suffered a lot financially and mentally. My father was not having work and my brothers where also facing financial problems.At that time i was having a small tailoring shop and with i had to look after 2-3 families, at that time we sufferd a lot i was not having house and also i had started the construction some time ago that was also half finished. The situation was so bad that at times we had nothing to eat. During that time i happened to attend novena of St.Jude and i sarted to attend that continously and i prayed hardly to the saint, With the grace of God and with the Saints help a miracle worked in my life, i got a chance abroad, my present job. From then St.Jude has continously held my life intact and helped me continously and at this point of time i was able to
complete the construction of my house and also my brothers are able to look after thier families. I was able to finish of all my debts back home and my family problems where also solved. I firmly believe that the saint has worked wonders in my life or rather saved my family. I request each and everyone reading this to pray for me and my family and also i request each and everyone not to give up hope since everything is possible for the God Almighty.One Thing i came to understand and believe is "Jesus Christ is still living between us and he is always there for u and me"

Thanking You,

Jacob Phillip

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