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          August 2003

This month's contributor:
Virginia, San Francisco

I want to thank St. Jude for two petitions in which he interceded on our behalf.  First, I want to thank St. Jude for helping my brother who is going through a divorce.  In late April, my brother's wife left him for another man.  His ex locked him out of their home and prohibited him from seeing his children.  As expected, my brother took the betrayal very hard.  He went into severe depression.  For nearly two months he attempted to take his life several times.  At times on a daily basis.  I have always had a deep faith in St. Jude and so I began to pray to him to interced on behalf of my brother.  I also visited the St. Jude Shrine at St. Dominic's in San Francisco and continue to do so.  For about the last three weeks my brother has began to make a 360 degree turn in his mental and physical health.  He has a renewed sense of confidence and with the help of medication has his depression under control.  I deeply belief St. Jude had a great part to play in his recovery.  My brother had been hesitant to see a doctor or use medication, but finally decided to turn to both.   My second point of thanks to St. Jude is for helping my husband and I find a great house.  My husband were in the market to purchase a new house in San Francisco. We began praying to St. Jude to help us find the best house for us.  We were in the market for over a month and put in 5 other offers before finding the current house scheduled to close escrow on the 20th.  We were getting very depressed and disappointed because we kept losing out on the homes we were bidding.  We were getting desperate and even bidding on houses that we did not particularly like.  After every time we lost on a bid, we kept thinking that we would never find a house.  My husband and I kept praying to St. Jude to help us find the best house for us.  Out of the blue, the ideal house for us, landed on our lap, and we were able to make an offer that was accepted!  It was at that point that we realized that St. Jude had truly interceded on our behalf because we had found just what we were looking for and had prayed for.  THANK YOU ST. JUDE!

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