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          December 2003

This month's contributor:
Christina from California

-How did you find out about St. Jude and his novena?
I was homeless and hopeless & I was reading the news paper...& the prayer shot out at my eyes from the paper...I mean it came up to my eyes as I was reading & that is when I read it and haven't stopped for about 4 years now.

-What was the request you prayed for?
The prayer which I prayed which was granted was: As I was looking in the news paper I was looking to rent an apt. for my self and two sons....and the prayer said: just pray this prayer 9x's and your prayer will be granted...& we got our wonderful 3 bedroom/2 bath in 9 days.

-What answers or gifts did you receive and were they different from what you asked for?

I received what I prayed for: A nice place to live with my two sons...Instead of a roach infested motel room

-What kept your faith strong and your hope alive during your waiting process?
I felt Inspired...and I felt Truth, and I Believed, and I saw that after praying the prayer for 8 days/9x's a day my prayer was answered. I would have been a fool to stop praying.

-What type of praying (example - quiet meditation, deep contemplation, etc.) brought you the most comfort and peace?

I work in Downtown Los Angeles, I drive for 45 mins to and from work, So...I began to use the 45 min every single morning to pray for lots and lots of things in my life. I enjoyed it so so much I started to pray during the day and at nite...WITHOUT STOPPING. Praying when I'm driving is what I do most, and also when I see an Ambulance I pray for the helpless, and I have lots of neices and nephews and two sons, and my parents and lots of friends and a finacee and his mother is 88 goes on and on and on...Persons ask me to say to pray for them cause they see the results...I tell them I will pray but, I also tell them they need to pray too.

-Is there any advice you want to give to others who may be waiting and finding it difficult to stay hopeful?
Yes~I would say: Keep praying, Believe it will happen, Do not stop praying, Most of all have Faith, Don't listen to doubts of people, Be a leader of prayer like me, Some times it isn't easy around people, you hear cussing, mistrust, back-biting, hatred, But stay Steadfast...and watch the results...You can't force people to Pray or even to Respect you, but...They somehow end up doing that in the End...and eventually "They", believe in the TRUTH!

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