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          January 2004

This month's contributor:
J.B. from FT. Washington, MD

To anyone who has ever been in a seemingly hopeless situation, I strongly recommend the novenas and prayers to St. Jude because it does what it says it will.

I can assure anybody, as soon as you recite them you will feel better, relieved, comforted, & confident that you will be heard.

I had a very tough year filled with anxiety, fear, anger, and all sorts of negative emotions.  However, each time I prayed to St. Jude for help, big or small, I got it.  Sometimes almost instantly.

At first I thought they were mere coincidences, but after the 5th, 7th, or 10th time (I've stopped counting), I know St. Jude really listens.

These are tough times we're living in and I'm sure everyone needs a go-to Saint and for that I will suggest giving Str. Jude a try and you too will be convinced.

Let's try to not keep this a secret! Let everyone who nees help know that there is a solution. Let's keep this going now & for future generations.  Thank you, St. Jude.

Bravo, J.B.!  What a wonderful summary of what the whole St. Jude experience is about.  I especially like the nickname of St. Jude as the "go-to" Saint, and with your permission, may use that title in one of our future articles.  God bless!

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