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          February 2005

This month's contributor:

   Thank you, St. Jude for all your help.  My biggest problem/wish/request was finally answered and granted. At some points it really seemed to be a "mission impossible." Looking back though, even with all the setbacks, I always got little victories along the way that helped keep me going. There were times of extreme uncertainties, feelings of guilt like maybe I was being punished for my actions, helplessness and fear.
   Towards the end, though I realized there was nothing I could do to force things to happen. The only thing I could control was prayer. I did what my priest said one Sunday, I gave it all up to heaven. The one things I didn't give up on was praying, especially the novena. I mean, what else could I do, you know? I don't know what effect it had, but sometimes I'd pray it 2 or 3 times a day.  I was really desperate and anxious.
   Sure enough, one by one, I noticed my "wish list" was getting shorter. Things were happening my favor, without any extra planning or precautionary actions on my part. I likened it to a pilot flying in the dark without a radar. Then one day it was over. Sometimes, I think back and reflect on what happened and can't help but be amazed.  Too many details to get into but it was, in short, a miracle. It was very hard to see the end  or the light at the time, but I think that's when you pray the very hardest for strength and guidance and increase your faith that you will be heard and are being helped.
    Thanks again, St. Jude!

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