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Glorious St. Jude, with faith in your goodness, I ask for your help today.  You are counted, as we know, among the elders who will always stand before God's throne.  From your place of glory, we know you do not forget the needs of God's little ones still struggling on our way home to God.  Please St. Jude, be with me during my daily toil and difficulties, especially with respect to my special petition for PJ's father who is ill and whose family needs him, for my brother's marriage which needs love to flourish and for my personal pain and loneliness for which I seek consolation and companionship.  I beg you St. Jude to intercede on my behalf on these petitions for which I have no ability to help alone.  I beg for your help and for these favors I shall be eternally grateful, pledge my devotion to you and will continue to spread the word of your power and assistance to all those in despair and need.  Thank you St. Jude for your prior assistance on my past prayers and, I beg you to intercede once again on these hopless cases.  In Christ's name I appeal to you.  ABJ.
SJNS: St. Jude, we humbly ask for to intercede in the faithful prayers of our sister.

I ask St. Jude to join my prayers for the resolve of a court case and that the true facts come out and that my son will turn his attitude and his life over.  I also pray that our family will become whole and overcome this serious and heart-wrenching situation. I pray that someone will come to my son's aid with the information he will need in order to be found innocent of the charges and I ask that whatever the result that God gives us, that we will understand and accept it, especially my son. I also pray for the stength and wisdom that I and everyone around the situation will need to support my son in whatever way God chooses and what I will need to follow any leads. Thank-you,St. Jude, for listening to my petitions and presenting them before the Lord for speedy,and just resolution.  Suzanne, Albemarle
SJNS: St. Jude, we ask your continued care and blessings for her and her family.

Dear Glorious Saint Jude:  I am very sad, and in despair because of my failing business.  Bills are piling-up, credit card companies call everyday, I don't know if I will be able to pay the rent next month, and I am 2 payments behind on my automobile.  Would you please go to Almighty God in my behalf and ask him to please help me.  I have tried many things on my own, but nothing seems to help...I just get deeper and deeper into debt.  I have little energy left, and I am completely discouraged.  Please help me. Gilbert A. Lucero, Irwindale, CA
SJNS: St. Jude, we ask for your speedy and powerful intercession in the name of our brother Gilbert.

Dear St. Jude please help us to come out of our financial problems.  The store we're planning on opening to become a reality for us to be able to do so soon.  Then we can help those groups we have promised too. Mary Catherine, MI
SJNS: May St. Jude bless and guide them in their business efforts.

Dear Saint Jude:  I am trying not to give up hope. I am trying to put my faith in the future, and praise God for all the blessings I already have.  As this Christmas season approaches us, it is always so difficult with my mother gone these past three years. No one can replace her.  But please, I ask once again, for you to bring my family a Christmas miracle for my daughter this year.  She is still in that place called "the meantime" and I am having trouble understanding Our Lord's plan for my family.  Both of my daughters in fact, are having medical issues, and it looks as if the younger one may have a long road ahead of her also when she gets married in a few months.  There is no greater miracle or blessing than that of a new life--of a new baby--my dear Patron Saint.  Please, my husband and I beg for your strongest intercession for my two daughters -- for true Christmas miracles this season.  I will be FOREVER grateful and always continue to invoke your name.  Amen. ND
SJNS: We beseech the special assistance of St. Jude in her daughter's special prayer.

Dear St. Jude,  In your kindness, mercy and love as Patron Saint of lost causes and things almost despaired of, please find it in your heart to intercede with Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to let George follow his heart and not his mind, to give him peace in that decision and to bring him back to me so we can be happy together once again.  Thank you. Amen.D., LA
SJNS: St. Jude touch his heart and help them realize a renewal of their union.

Blessed St. Jude, I come to you now as I have so many times before to ask for your assistance.  Please help my family's fiancial state to improve, so we don't have to continue to live from paycheck to paycheck.  Please help me to find gainful employment again.  Please help my husband to find a better job situation.  Please help us with our relocation desires.  Please help us to be good parents to our son, and help him to grow up to be a good and caring person.  Please help my mother to find housing and security in this new phase of her life.  Please help me to find the strength and patience that I need to handle it all. Thank you, gracious advocate.  I know that all things asked for will be answered. P.J., FL
SJNS: Hear these petitions, St. Jude and champion their cause to our Lord.

I ask St. Jude to please pray for my Uncle who the doctors say cannot be cured of his memory loss.  Please St. Jude, pray that he will fully recover his memory, overcome his depression, and be protected from those who wish to take advantage of him.  Please intercede on behalf of our family to Jesus so that He will bless my Uncle with his healing power.  I thank you St. Jude for hearing my prayers. Mark, Houston, TX
SJNS: St. Jude, we ask for special healing gifts for his uncle in Jesus' name.

Please pray for a friend, Rosa, that everything turns out clean on November 17th.  She was diagnosed with colon cancer - St. Jude don't take her away - it's way too soon and she is full of life! Kimberly Angelone, Nutley, NJ
SJNS: St. Jude, please ask our Lord for physical healing gifts for our sister Rosa.

Dear St. Jude;  I offer this prayer on behalf of my son, named Jeremy above, for healing and reconciliation between him and his father. My son was 2 when his father and I split up, and his father moved 3000 miles away, not returning to the area until 18 months ago. After an initial try at creating a relationship, my ex cut off all communication with our disabled son, who is now 28. My son, went through a terrible grieving process, then counseling, and now is healing. He still wants his father to come to him, and open the doors to creating a relationship. This is such a heartbreaking case, Dear St. Jude, and nothing has worked. We try so hard to "let go & let God' but my son needs his father to be his father. On behalf of Jeremy. Amen.  C.D.
SJNS: St. Jude, we ask your intercessionary gifts to touch his father's heart and bring about a reconciliation between them.

Oh Blessed St. Jude hear my prayer request and intercede on my behalf to assist me in overcoming and conquering what I feel are two bad habits/addictions that are sinful and a tremendous waster of time(also a sin): that of viewing internet porn and physical self pleasures.  Help me fight and stay away from and overcome any and all the temptations regarding these addictions and form new habits beneficial to God and St. Jude as well as my family, my business and community.  Assist me in better utilizing my time and developing my talents so as to serve you from this point forward in my life. Thank you St. Jude and the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary. C.F.P.
SJNS: May St. Jude lead him to a Jesus-centered outlook with determination and strength.

Oh Blessed St. Jude please intercede for my family and I to bring immediate, impacting and lasting financial success to my business, my home, my family and our churches that will enable my family and our churches to meet all our current and future financial obligations.  For my family, this includes paying off our taxes and debt while also allowing us to fund our family's future needs like our childrens Catholic school education and extra activities as well as our special family trip to Florida not only this year but each and every year.  St. Jude, please bring the Holy Spirit into my family's lives to bless and guide us always. Have the Holy Spirit keep us faithful, charitable, humble, and wise as well as passionate, persistent, honest and growing in all areas of our lives.  Thank you Blessed St. and the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary.  St. Jude pray for us! D4B
SJNS: St. Jude, we ask you to include special prayers for this family's intentions.

Loving St. Jude, I humbly pray that you will find a buyer for my John Deere tractor and implements. I had to sell my business due to the death of my husband and these items are no longer needed. They are being stored outdoors and are weathering and deteriorating and will soon loose their value if they remain outdoors for too long. The money received from the sale of these items will help to pay off a considerable amount of debt, which would lift a great burden from my shoulders. You have answered my prayers in the past and I pray for your continued help. In Jesus holy name, I pray. J.H.
SJNS: St. Jude, pray with us that she may realize this sale to help her situation.

Dear St. Jude, my precious step-daughter is suffering from the rare and debilitating condition known as Bechet's disease. Her condition is getting worse. She has a loving husband and son who need her, and I need her. Please St. Jude, grant that this beautiful young wife, mother, daughter, may be restored to perfect health. She has great faith in our loving Lord and she believes in the power of prayer. I beg that all of our prayers on her behalf may be answered. In Jesus' holy name, I pray. J.H.
SJNS: We beg for special gifts of physical healing to be bestowed on her step-daughter.

St Jude please help me to over come my difficulties. Especially let there be no problems or complications for aasavari. Let there be no embarassments at all for her or the family. I will be ever grateful as always and will publish you good word through out the world.  Greg Pinto, India
SJNS: May St. Jude pray with us over his special requests.

I am in a hopeless situation and I need him desperately. Thanks, Barbara Fountain
SJNS: St. Jude, please grant your special intercession in her name.

Dear St. Jude, Please intercede on my behalf in pleading to the Lord for mercy in this desperate financial situation we are facing. Our beautiful home is about to be foreclosed on and we will lose everything.  We've had the worst luck for over a year now. Our financial situation continues to worsen. It is difficult to make the necessary payments for our auto and auto insurance which we need to travel to work and school. It is difficult for us to pay tuition for our daughters school - she has special needs. It is difficult for us to buy groceries without bouncing a check. It is difficult for us to pay our rent each month and maintain phone service. With each payment we face overdraft fees at the bank or disconnection threats for our basic utilities.
We are also incurring large medical bills as we are getting older and need greater medical attention, braces and orthodontics. It seems that nowhere is there mercy or a kind break. We desperately need help. Please St. Jude intercede for my family.
Vanessa Martinez, Jensen Beach, FL
SJNS: We ask for St. Jude to add his prayers over their situation to our Lord.

WEEK OF 11/10/2003
St. Jude, great in virtue and rich in miracles, I am desperate for your intercession!  I am a gay man and a lapsed Catholic.  I have always had a strong faith, and held, at one point, a strong devotion to Our Lady, who is appearing in Medjugorje.  Over the past several years, because I have disagreed with the Church's teachings on homosexuality, I have fallen far away from God  and the Church.  Almost 2 months ago, for the first time, I had unprotected sex with another man and now I am horrified that I may have been exposed to HIV. I am in great pain, both for what I've done to myself and the damage I've inflicted on my relationship.   I have a wonderful partner of 8 years.. and a wonderful life.  My birth family, particularly my Godly mother, would not be able to handle the news that I contracted HIV, the virus which causes AIDS.  St. Jude, please intercede with our Lord that all of my tests for HIV come back negative.  I have already returned to God.. and I will return to the Church. A negative HIV diagnosis will ensure that I spread devotion to you for the rest of my life!   Yours in Prayer, Jeffrey.
SJNS: St. Jude, please intercede with special care and prayers for our brother.

May the sacred Heart of Jesus be praised and Glorified in all the tabernacles of the world with justified affection even to the end of time, Amen  St Jude Pray for us and hear our prayer, I pray for the intention of my sister Jackie who desperatly needs a job that will pay her a decent wage so she can avoid losing her house to forclosure and so she can provide for her Son Powell who also needs prayer to be a good son to his Mother and Father. I offer these prayers through St Jude and Mary Queen of Heaven, and Mother of Christ, Also in Loving memory of Yolande, Richard Sr, Nannette, Leopold, Obbie, Evalyn, Annie & Frank   Your Loving Son. Richard Powell, Orange, TX
SJNS: May St. Jude take these intentions to the throne of our Lord.

St. Jude,  I ask that you answer my request for stability in the job and family situation.  Please answer my request.  Robert
SJNS: We ask for St. Jude's special concern over his and his family's needs.

Blessed St. Jude, I come to you now as I have so many times before to ask for your assistance.  Please help my family's financial state to improve, we have taken my sister and two son's in and have placed ourselves in great financial difficulty unable to now meet our financial obligations.  Dear Glorious Saint Jude, please help me to be more successful in my business.  I am in so much despair because of my failing business.  Bills are piling-up, collectors are calling everyday, I am 2 payments behind on my home and 1 payment behind on my automobile.  Would you please go to Almighty God in my behalf and ask him to please help me.  I have tried many things on my own, but nothing seems to help...I just get deeper and deeper into debt.  I have little energy left, and I am completely discouraged.  Please help me.Please help me to find the strength and patience that I need to handle it all. Thank you, gracious advocate.  I know that all things asked for will be answered. R.E., Flower Mound, TX
SJNS: Sr. Jude, please show them toward the resources the require to overcome this difficulty.

Dear Holy St. Jude, I pray for your help regarding the upcoming court case.  I do not know what is best for my children but I truly believe a change in schools is what is best for them.  I feel like my children will be able to feel safer and more secure in a different community.  If that is not what is best for them I ask you to give me strength to deal with an outcome contrary to what I believe is best.  I ask you and God to watch out for my children and do what is best for them.  Please help them both to be able to recover from the sexual abuse and be healthy, secure and happy children who are always aware of God's love for them.  Help me to be the very best mom I can be.  Please be with us during court and after.  Please help us.  Thank you St. Jude and loving merciful Jesus.  Lori H., Marengo, Iowa
SJNS: WE ask St. Jude to be a source of strength and guidance for her family.

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