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Dear Saint Jude, I am lost and cannot find my way.  I am in the process of trying to find employment that will suit me and the needs of my family.  Due to unfortunate misunderstandings and the painful experiences leftover from my previous work experience I feel that I am left with very little self confidence or self esteem. I am afraid. I look to you to guide me through this darkness and trust in you to show me the way to where I am supposed to be.  My working again will help to lift the heavy burdens felt by my husband and will help our little family regain what we once had and, possibly, improve beyond that. H.N., CO
SJNS: We ask for St. Jude's inspiration, comfort and support for her in this search.

O Most glorious apostle St. Jude I am asking that we are able to sell our house with no delays, no problems, in peace with enough money to move to a particular neighborhood we have prayed for.  We need a to provide a bedroom for my mom and a safe and happy neighborhood for my children to play. Saint Jude pray for us and all who invoke your aid. C.P., NJ
SJNS: St. Jude, please hear these intentions and add your prayers to our Lord.

O most glorious apostle St. Jude through the Scared Heart of Jesus. God has granted you the priviledge of aiding mankind in the most desperate cases. Please help my daughter be well liked, respected, accepted, including socialy with her peers in school.  Please bring forth a true girlfriend in her grade at school especially this year and remain those years to follow. A true girlfriend that will stick by her side. And any ugly rumor anyone has hung onto or started unjustly will disolve and be forgotten.  Please help her start over this year and keep her boy-friend close to your heart as well as my daughter. Please let this school be a start of years to come of being happy, healthy, socially accepted, loved by everyone and successful. Thanks for your time and prayers.  C.P., NJ
SJNS: St. Jude, be a close friend and role model to this girl.

St Jude, please help Rick and I find our ways back together. We always had a really strong relationship before his son left us to walk with Jesus. Please help him to realize that his son is now in a better place and is safer than he has ever been.  Please help Rick work through his grief and learn to live again hopefully with me in his life.  I love him so much as do my own sons. Please help us.  I am so desperate and miserable without him. Kim, Allentown, PA
SJNS: We ask for St. Jude's healing gifts for their relationship.

Dearest St. Jude The past year has brought me so much pain.  I turned to God for guidance and the strenght to move on.  I have fallen truly in love with a friend who has helped me so much overcome my past marrage. I pray for guidance in my life and my relationship.  The man I have fallen in love with is under a lot of pressure and stress with work and family.  I ask of you to let us walk the path of life together and grow to become one.  He means so much to me and I want to spend my life with him, raise a family with him, grow old with him, and have an unconditional love that no one could break.  I know he loves me and I pray that he will soon realize what he could have with me and open his heart to me.  I pray that he could love me for who I am and spend his life with me in holy matrimony. I pray for us to have a healty relationship and family. Thank you St. Jude and Jesus Christ our Lord.  Cortney
SJNS: St. Jude, pray with us that they may know the true fruits of their love.

Dear St. Jude please hear my prayers and stand by my daughter-in-law and unborn grandchild.  Please keep them safe and healthy during this difficult pregnancy. I promise to continue spreading the word of your wonderful being. Christie, IL
SJNS: May St. Jude be their constant friend and protector.

WEEK OF 8/25/2003
Dear St. Jude hear my prayers. I pray to you that we sell our home now, it stays sold and that everything goes quickly and smoothly, no problems please. I believe in you and I know that you hear me and will help me in this step in our lives. I pray to you always and I know that I will always have a special place in my heart for you, for  answering  my prayers. Please may it happen very soon. St. Jude I love you, I need you and I believe in you. I have faith. Thank you. Cheryl, MN
SJNS: St. Jude, pray with us over an expedited house sale for them.

Please St.Jude...pray for a financial blessings for my family and I. We are in desperate need for a home. You see, the home were living in now is full of mold and mildew...and it's makeing all of us really sick, especially my husband. He's been on so many anitbiotics for his sinus infections and allergy's cause of the mold. But, we dont have good credit, so, we need a financial miracle to be able to move out of this home and into a new one. Thank You St.Jude!!!Jackie, Roseau, MN
SJNS: St. Jude, help them find a way to the resources needed to build a new home.

Dear St Jude with my faith in your goodness I ask for your help today.  Just this past week I was let go from a job that I loved with no warning.  I ask that you help me in finding a new job that is meant for me, and where my family and I should reside.  We are unhappy living in Las Vegas.  I also ask that you help me and family get through this difficult time(the financial strain).  Please give me the strength to face each day and to tackle my problems. I pray this in your name and will continue to glorify you. Antonietta D., Las Vegas, NV
SJNS: St. Jude, reward this faithful follower with your support and strength.

St Jude,please help me my breakup with Philip. Please let us reconcile very shortly and allow the door of communication to be opened so we can get back together for good this time. Please Jude, make this be your will also. C.K., Ireland
SJNS: May St. Jude touch and inspire their hearts toward a reconciliation.

Dear St. Jude:  Please guide Andy in this most important test. G.K., Chicago, IL
SJNS: St. Jude, be close to him during this challenge.

Please pray for me that I get a better job and that I do not get fired at my current one and that my meeting goes ok.  I am under a trememdous amount of stress and wish that God is watching over me and leading me in the right direction.  Please pray that everything works out for the best in the end. M.D.
SJNS: May St. Jude calm her spirit and mind and be a close friend.

St. Jude Please help my brother back to stability. And help my sister-in-law to find peace and strength to get through this storm. Jesus never said life would be without crosses but He would give us the strength to carry those crosses if we but trusted in Him. I trust in Him. Please ask Him to direct our paths. R.A., MA
SJNS: St. Jude, lighten their loads and shine on their paths in these times.

Dearest St. Jude:  This novena is published in your honor. (To be said every hour for nine consecutive hours in just one day.) O Jesus Who said: "Ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened to ye". Through the intercession of Mary, Thy most holy mother, I knock, I seek, I ask that my prayers be answered.  (Please let me find a career in the city I most love so that I may continue to live near my family and share in the love, joy, peace, and harmony that I have been so blessed with.) O Jesus Who said: "All ye ask of the Father in My name, He will grant ye, through the intercession of Mary, Thy most holy mother, I ask the Father in Your name that my prayers by answered. (Please let me find a career in the city I most love so that I may continue to live near my family and share in the love, joy, peace, and harmony that I have been so blessed with.) O Jesus Who said: "Heaven and Earth shall pass but My work shall not pass."  Through the intercession of Mary, Thy most holy mother, I feel confident that my prayers will be answered. (Please let me find a career in the city I most love so that I may continue to live near my family and share in the love, joy, peace, and harmony that I have been so blessed with.) F.A., NY
SJNS: We ask for St. Jude's intercession in this request.

I rescued a cat 4 years ago from a home that neglected her and in which the kids would kick her down the steps.  I have grown very attached to her over the past 4 years.  I am getting married next year and my fiance is allergic to cats.  My fiance has been told by an allergist to get rid of my cat and that allergy shots would not help.  We scheduled to see an ENT specialist for a second opinion and possible alternate therapy.  I am praying for a miracle that somehow God will allow me to keep my cat.  Please Saint Jude, interceed for me in my time of need. R.F., PA
SJNS: St. Jude, please help them find a resolution to this situation.

Dearest St. Jude, Please intercede on behalf of our husband and father, to rid him of the cancer and bleeding. Please ease his pain and distress and grant him peace and strength to face the days ahead.  Amen. Caroline, Thomas & Sonja, TX
SJNS: We ask for St. Jude's gifts of healing, comfort, and strength for their father.

Saint Jude, I thank you for all the help you have given me in the past and I apologize for not being as adament in follwoing through with my promises to you. But I ask you for another favor yet again and will not forget to remember you. My prayer deals with the love of someone I dearly miss in my life and pray to have again so that we can reunite and share the love we once had. I pray that I am given a second chance to get back together with this love. I also pray for a dear friend, that her headaches go away and that she find a companion to grow old with. I pray that she finds happiness in her life. I firmly believe and rest my faith on God and your power to intercede these prayers for me. I will not fail to honor you as my special saint to others this time...I have begun what I promised already and will continure to do so until the end of my novena and afterwards. Please help us. Thank you. G.
SJNS: May St. Jude add his voice in prayer for these petitions.

"May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be Adored, Glorified, Loved & Preserved throughout the world, now & forever.  Sacred Heart of Jesus, please pray for me.  Saint Jude, Worker of Miracles, please pray for me.  Saint Jude, Helper of the Hopeless, please pray for me.  Amen."  J.V., Mumbai, India
SJNS:May St. Jude intercede in the prayers of this follower.

WEEK OF 09/01/2003

Blessed Apostle St. Jude, we call upon you for help in hope and utmost confidence. St. Jude, renowned help of the hopeless, come to my aid in this time of distress. St. Jude, cousin of our Lord, obtain from our Savior the favors I now need and seek, especially to cure my husband, Glenn, of the demons in his mind so that he may have a long life of happiness and contentment rather than one with torment and uncertainty.  Remind him of how wonderful he is, that he has so much to offer others, and that he is loved by many people.  Please help him get over his obsession with a certain entertainer's posting board and help him to find a decent-paying niche in the writing field.  Nancy, New Jersey
SJNS: May St. Jude touch his heart, soul and spirit.

Dear St. Jude, patron Saint of Miracles and Hope, I have asked for your help in times past and you have helped find answers to the problems I sought solutions for.  And, the solutions always seem to come in incredibly miraculous ways.  Now, once again, I ask you for your help and intercession in God's Grace to overcome my despair, distress, depression and helplessness more than ever before.  The nature of my circumstances, which cause me such a mental frame of mind, is derived from my working as a loan collector at a bank and the weakness in our economy.  I ask for your direct help and intercession that I may receive God's Grace to successfully collect the problem loans for my employer.  And, for those loans where litigation is involved, I ask for help that the bank will prevail.  I know these problems are far beyond the control of any one person or persons and the economy has to turn around to improve their situation, but time is not enough for such an improvement to help them now.  The borrowers find it difficult to profit and thus make repayment, and, therefore, it will truly take a miracle to turn these matters around for the borrowers and for our bank.  Your help and intercession in solving this problem quickly will relieve me of the stress I undergo.  Please help me collect these loans soon.  I make the promise to make your name known throughout the world and publish any miracles that may come our way.  Please help. Ed.
SJNS: May St. Jude bless him in his work.

Dear St. Jude please help my son. He hasn't been feeling well lately and went to see the doctor. Blood was drawn and many tests were performed and for the most part were in the normal range; some were slightly elevated but not enough to account for his symptoms. My prayer is that the symptoms will go away and he'll feel like himself again or that he will find a doctor who will be able to diagnose his problem and treat it. 
RAS, Mass.
SJNS: St. Jude, please pray with us over the health of her son.

oh st jude of of hopeless cases please pray for the repair of a broken relationship that means the world to me. help the parties to rekindle their feelings and see that they were meant to be together. J.J.  NY.
SJNS: May St. Jude bring healing to this relationship.


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