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May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be Adored, Glorified, Loved & Preserved throughout the world, now & forever. Sacred Heart of Jesus, please pray for me.  Saint Jude, Worker of Miracles, please pray for me. St Jude, Helper of the Hopeless, please pray for me. Amen.  Please Saint Jude I desperately need your Help.  I have been struggling with these three major problems in my Life for the past year.  I have been praying for these miracles to happen in my Life so I can find happiness in my heart again.  1) The man from my past relationship has put a law suit against me and my employer. He's asking for money I don't have.  I know in my heart I don't owe him nothing as I was very good to him and his children when they were mentally abusing me.  I finally left the relationship 4 years ago but now he's bringing me to court for some money he thinks I owe him.   2)  I have been struggling financially for the past 4 years, Let me find a way to pay off my debts so I don't have to go bankrupt  and with this law suit it's not helping any matter. 3)  Last year I met an old friend from my childhood,  I Love Him very much and we got along very well as we know each other from a long time ago.  But he's confuse, He thinks he can't Love anymore, St Jude  help us to be reunited and build a strong commitment to each other and God. Thank You St Jude for listening to my prayers I pray that you will intercede to God on my behalf. I do believe there is hope that miracles can happen.With your help St Jude you can make it happen. M&M, Toronto, Ontario
SJNS: St. Jude, please take these concerns form your follower and make them yours.

Dear St. Jude, I come to you again in my life but this time I am not alone.  My daughter Erica and I are in desperate need of your help and intercession.  We are trapped and there is no way out for us except I'm afraid for a tremendous amount of money to fall to us from the sky.  My wife will not stop tormenting us. We need all of the money that was stolen from me to buy our way home again.  My wife won't leave - she only will if I can somehow pay her off.  Please know that my generosity is very much like yours - I only use money to give joy to others.  Please, St. Jude grant this prayer for Erica and I - we have no other way to get home. Your old friend Ken and his sweet innocent daughter Erica
SJNS: St. Jude, we ask for your special intercession on their behalf.

St. Jude, please pray for me for I am truly so miserable, helpless and alone.  I beg for your assistance in my relationship becoming the relationship I have been hoping and praying it will be.  That he and I will find in one another peace, love and happiness.  May we be together in a relationship that is beautiful, healing and good.  Please St. Jude, may he see me as his partner in this life.  This has been such a painful experience.  I just wish we could learn to give and receive love.  Amen. Tammy C.
SJNS: St. Jude, help steer this relationship into a fulfilling and special place for her.

Glorious St Jude, with faith in your goodness I ask for your help today.   As one of Christ's chosen apostles, you remain a pillar and foundation of His Church on earth. You are counted we know, among the elders who always stand before God's throne. From your place of glory we know you do not forget the needs and difficulties of Christ's little ones here still struggling, like me on the way home to God.  Please St. Jude hear my pleas.  Dearest St. Jude with your intercession a miracle is possible. PLEASE INTERCEDE FOR MY WEIGH AND FINANCES NEXT TO THE LORD THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO ME IS MY  HUSBAND, KIDS, AND GRANDKIDS, AND DAUGHTERS AND SON IN LAWS!!! And also teach me how to be a better person, employee, mother, grandma, wife, tia, madrina, bowler, etc.  Help me to fill that enter peace.  I beg for help in obtaining the necessary resources that I need to help meet my debts and satisfy these pressing obligations, and ask for a conversion of heart and mind to focus upon the matters most important in dedicating my life to that of Jesus and his Divine Mercy. I ask you to pray for me now before the Most High so that I too might be filled with God's saving power, understand God's will for me and faithfully place myself in God's loving hands.  Thank you for always listening and answering my prayers whenever I have been in need of guidance and assistance.   I promise to make your name known And cause you to be invoked. Saint Jude pray for me and all those who invoke your aid. I will begin the 9 day novena today.  Amen." Mary Lou Saldana, TX
SJNS:  St. Jude, please intercede with your powerful gifts in reply to their needs.

My Son Tim recently was in a very bad accident.  Now he is having staph infections & Gout which can happen after a trauma.  He has already been through heavy antibiotics & it has come back.  St. Jude - We need miracles for this young man.  To make him see how valuable he is to all of us & that we want to see him do what God has planned. He's come through this accident only by the Grace of God.  He is also an alcoholic & needs spiritual health to help him through.  I also lift up my entire family for miracles in situations that don't seem to have a lot of hope. And for me to keep things in perspective & listen more & talk less to God.  Love Linda Clark, CO
SJNS: St. Jude, please bring your powerful healing gifts to bear for her son.

St. Jude, please intercede for me and pray that my tests at the doctor's office tomorrow will come back healthy.  Thank you! Cris, FL
SJNS: May St. Jude watch over the health of this petitioner.

Please Saint JUDE THADDEUS hear and answer my fervent prayer. I am desperate for your immediate intercession. Please accept my thanks for all past prayers answered and for continued strength and faith. Please heal my relationship with David, please return us to each other so we may be together again and forever. Please bring the visible and speedy help for which you are gifted and help me in my time of need. P;ease pray for me. I pray tothe Sacred heart of JESUS and the immaculate heart of MARY. Bless you AMEN. Jenny, Hewlett, NY
SJNS: St. Jude, please help speedy and meaningful healing to come upon them.

St. Jude,please save my mother and I from losing our house and please rescue me from this huge debt that I'm drowning in. This is more than I can handle. I need your intercession and God's mercy and aid now more than at any other time in my life. Please, please, please. Dan B.
SJNS: St. Jude, please help rescue your follower Dan from the difficulty that engulfs him.

Thank you St. Jude for your favor.  I have hit rock bottom, spiritually, financially and in every area of my life.  I turn to you for you assistance and because you have always helped me n the past.  My request is that you will ask God to rescue me.  thank you. Nancy, Kansas
SJNS: St. Jude, hear the plea of our sister Nancy in her time of distress.

Dear St. Jude,  I beg of you to help me in this urgent request, please let me get the job I need at the college.  I don't just want it, I really need this.  I promise to thank you everyday and to publish thanks.  I will never again ask for anything else in this one area of my life.  I don't know if I will be able to recover if I am turned down.  Thank you for making everything else in my life great.  This means everything to me though.  Thank you for listening. T.S.
SJNS: May St. Jude intervene in helping with her job search.

Dear St. Jude relative of mother has cancer..I pray for a miracle that shw can be with awhile longer...My Mother Theresa is our families strong knot that keeps us togerther..We all love her so much and are so hurt by her having to endure this crisis in her life..My Mother is a sweet and always there for all of us...see in your heart to bring this message to Jesus to have her in our loving circle longer.  The treatment start tomorrow and let it reach all the bad cells and give more life to the good cells...we pray for a miracle!!!  Please hear our have helped me keep my house..please carry this message to your blood relative..Jesus PRAY FOR OUR FAMILY AND ALL THAT COMES WITH THIS!!   SANDIE YOUR SERVANT FOR LIFE
SJNS: We beseech St. Jude for strength and healing gifts for her mother.

Dear St. Jude, Patron Saint of Desperate Causes, please intercede on behalf of my husband and I so that we will be able to conceive another child/children. We have recently experienced several miscarriages and the loss of our last two frozen embryos from IVF. I pray that you help me to become pregnant whether it be naturally or through medical assistance, and bless us with a sibling/siblings for our wonderful two and a half year old daughter. I pray this through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen. U.V., Switzerland
SJNS: May St. Jude offer his intercession into their efforts at having a child.

It really works!      NEVER FAIL NOVENA          May the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus be praised, adored and glorified throughout the whole world now and forever.  Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, pray for me.  St. Theresa of the Child Jesus, pray for me.  St. Jude of hopeless cases, pray for me and grant this favor I ask.  Please let Kevin's Annulment be granted.           Say this prayer 9 times a day for 9 consecutive days and publish.  Your request will be granted. Stacy
SJNS: Dearest St. Jude, please hear this petition.

"St. Jude, you witnessed the healing power of our Lord Jesus. You saw his compassion for the sick and dying. You yourself touched the sick, shared the sorrows of the mournful, and encouraged the despairing. You received this authority and healing power to work wonders, to cure the incurable, to make people whole. We ask you to intercede with our brother, Jesus, to send his saving grace to heal the sickness and suffering of Brother Larry suffering with cancer, to uplift his/her despondent spirits and to instill hope in his/her hearts. Amen." J.G., Frisco, TX
SJNS" May St. Jude stay at the side of brother Larry during this time of need.

Holy Spirit, Thou make me see everything and show me the way to reach my ideal. You, who will give the divine gift to forgive and forget the wrong that is done to me, who are in all instances of my life with me. I, in short dialogue, want to thank you for everything and confirm once more that I never want to be separated from you no matter how great the material desire may be. I want to be with you and my loved ones in perpetual glory. Amen. Dear St Jude, Holy Spirit,and all who I pray to; please continue to help and ask God for the interventions I need to become healed. I ask also that the prayers for my family, friends and all on this site be answered before my own. Please intercede for all of us and bring us peace for today. Thank You for always hearing my prayers. Deborah Pagano, Glen Cove, NY
SJNS: St. Jude, hear the call from your faithful servant as she comes before you.

I pray that Casey's skin test comes out to be a very unharmful solution.  Please keep him cancer free.  I am praying that the new coconut oil diet will help him with his health issues.  I thank you so much for helping our family St. Jude. Lynn
SJNS: We ask St. Jude to keep these petitions close to his heart.

WEEK OF 4/25/2005
In September I prayed the novena for an impossible situation concerning a relationship.  In February the situation took an encouraging positive turn and it looked as if my prayers were being answered. But about 4 weeks ago there came about a serious roadblock although the situation does not seem as bad as it was up until February. I know that I still need God's help in this matter.  St. Jude, please pray for me.  I am praying the Novena again.  I know that through the help of St. Jude and the goodness of God, I will find true happiness with Becki. L. Usa.

SJNS: May St. Jude continue to show the true way to this petitioner.

Several months ago I said a novena to you to allow me to have a healthy and uncomplicated pregnancy.  My doctors predicted that my pregnancy would be very high risk and that there would be many complications.  They predicted constant hospital stays for frequent monitoring, and changes in medications.  I am now 37 weeks pregnant and my pregnancy has been uncomplicated.  I know as sure as I am sitting here that this happened because of your miraculous intervention, and because I never doubted you.  Once again I will say a novena to you, this time I am asking for an uncomplicated delivery,and post partum recovery, and for my little one to be healthy and not have any of the possible complications that she  is at risk for. Please give me this miracle St. Jude. Thank You. M.H., FL

SJNS: St. Jude, help take this follower to a healthy childbirth.

Glorious apostle St, Jude, the good Lord has blessed me so in these last months with my business, home, son and the strengthening of both my faith and my relationship with my brother and sister.  I see the tremendous needs of others, whose immediate needs are so much greater than my own, and feel so selfish. I ask you St. Jude, that you interceed on my behalf in my relationship with Angi.  That you pray for her health, safety and happiness and you interceed with Jesus to let him remove the pain from her heart that I have caused and allow her to trust and love me once again.  St. Jude, this is now out of my hands, there is nothing more that I can do.  I keep Hebrews 11:1 in my heart "Now, faith is being sure of what we hope for, and certain of what we cannot see."  I pray for the devine intervention I need and promise to publish my devotion and use the many blessings I have already received to continue your work in your name. Jim Steinbrenner, Oak Creek WI.

SJNS:We ask St. Jude to hear his heartfelt petition.

I asked for your assistance to reconcile with my ex-boyfriend Marcus and to unite us in the blessed union of marriage.  I also asked that he contact me as we have not spoken in person for over two months.  We are in contact now after my 9 day novena though we have a long way to go.  I thank you for helping us connect via text message.  I continue to have faith that we will rekindle our relationship with a view to committing to a permanent relationship together in marriage. I Gomez, Singapore.

SJNS: St. Jude, please help bring healing to their relationship.

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be adored, glorified, loved and preserved throught the world, now and forever.  Sacred Heart of Jesus, pray for us.  St. Jude, Worker of Miracles, pray for us. St. Jude, Helper of the Hopeless, pray for us.St.jude please help us to get the house we are praying for,also to heal my torment. T.

SJNS: St. Jude, we ask you to hear this prayer.

Dear St Jude, I so desperately need your help.  Please restore my relationship with Colm. I am so lonely and lost without him.  Please melt the wall of coldness and selfishness around his heart and send him back to me.  I really believe that God sent him in answer to my prayers last year.  I know that all things are possible for you and God and that you have helped so many people with similar problems.  Please, please restore this precious person to my life so that we can start building a life together.  I promise a donation to any charity of any amount that I am guided to give, plus publication and MUCH praise and thanks when this request is granted.  Thank you so much dear St Jude. K.F. Ireland.
SJNS: St. Jude, hear this precious call for a chance at a renewed relationship.

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